Japanese Streetwear 服ふく

The focal point of Japanese streetwear originates from the grand metropolitan city of Tokyo, Harajuku & Shibuya districts are the birthplace of such extravagant & unique street fashion, with big labels such as (A Bathing Ape, Neighborhood, Fumika Uchida & Comme Des Garcons). Each of these streetwear gives off a very distinct vibe in terms of its mixture of Eastern and Western Elements, from gothic lolita, oversized clothes, seductively flirtatious clothing to your ordinary Minimal Style Fashion. What we offer here are mostly clothing from smaller labels that have just entered the streetwear market, most of the clothing here are made with creativity, diligence and the passion as a fashion designer, the quality are strictly inspected to ensure maximum comfort, glamorous aesthetics and most importantly customer satisfaction. Selections may seem limited since we are a brand new store, but we will be adding more fabulous eye catching streetwear pieces that would definitely make you fall in love at first sight.



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