About us

Hi There! I thank you personally for being curious with us, I am sure you have many questions and doubts regarding the online store. Worry not; you've come to the right place where your questions and doubts will be answered promptly. 😊 

Our website www.NekoSuki.online is a brand new online e-commerce store that is recently established on December 2018, founded by me ''Victor'' and my girlfriend ''Michelle''. We focus on selling fun, unique and awesome Japanese and Korean merchandise which consist of toys, decorative figures/collectibles, cosmetics & beauty products, modern streetwear and accessories. We believe that our selling point is the unusual state of the art products that we offer to our dear customers. Our products are family friendly and suitable for all age groups. We are dedicated to ensure that our customers get the best service they could ever ask for, where satisfaction is guaranteed or else a full refund. We are diligent with our work and very attentive to any enquiries and complaints from our customers.

We are from Busan, South Korea, but we are currently living in England [UK]. We do not possess a physical store yet, but we do have a base of operation in Southampton. We are very keen on opening a Physical Store in London soon and we hope to get the most support we need to achieve that dream!   

(≧◡≦) ❤ Anyways, If you have any questions or issues regarding the store or products please do not hesitate to drop us a message via Contact us or email support@nekosuki.online or you could have a chat with us on Messenger :). I thank you all & I love you all for your visit and support for my brand new store, I hope that I could satisfy every single one of you and strive to provide the best customer service with the best of my ability. Happy Shopping and Have a Wonderful Day Ahead. 

With Love,

Victor Kim Jang Seok